Fake job experiment

I recently reached out to one of the HR guys at Jobberman about their vetting process. He says “We have been working hard to improve our vetting process for new employers on our platform” (Response, not good enough for me.) Then he went on to ask me if I can point him in the direction of any phony job ad on their platform (They didn’t employ me but they want me to do their job :smirk:)

So I thought to find out how easy it is to sign up and post a non existent job. I like the company review feature on indeed.com, It has been fairly accurate (how I take know? my time at the secret service was not for nothing :shushing_face:) albeit not enough reviews are left on Nigerian located companies. I thought to start there first. So I placed an ad for a Personal Assistant at a non existent company with a bogus email and website. My ad was left on “processing” immediately I was done crafting my lies. For sure this guys were going to do background checks at least right?

Less than 20 minutes later, first email came in from an applicant. I was shocked. It’s not been 24 hours and I already have access to 69 indeed.com user data. I can even go ahead to make phony interviews if I want. I can spam them. It would really be nice to have one of these job search sites you can trust completely. It would be nice.

P.S I’m off to post on Jobberman and Ngcareers next.


Aha. This shows that user verification is really expensive and most internet companies would rather sidestep the process rather than spend their budget on it. I make bold to say that this cannot happen with a brick and mortar company.

Wow, this is so scary. There are millions of desperate job seekers in Nigeria who could easily fall for these scams. Worst still, anyone can invite unsuspecting job seekers for interviews and ambush them to do God knows what.

Very scary. This is just proof that these job boards are yet to hack vetting.

This is really bad.

Looking forward to the update.