Does Nigeria need its own online streaming service for eSports?

YouTube and Twitch have been strategically instrumental in promoting eSports around the globe which by the numbers has translated to a continued increase in fan following and viewer audience.

Do you think for eSports to achieve National and Continental acclaim in the long run, a home-grown streaming platform needs to be created?

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That would be a cart ahead of the several horses of bandwidth (and power) and an audience among several things.

Betting, which is close to this, had to open centers around the country using a franchise (?) model before it picked up. eSports might first have to hold these competitions in the physical world before streaming picks up.


So in the long run, home-grown online streaming services are not necessary? Is this your position?

I don’t see the need to reinvent the wheel of online platforms. I think what is more important is building the structure; a proper industry around eSports with attractive compensation for players and the necessary buzz to attract audiences.

Absolutely! Building a structure for the eSports sub-sector is of utmost importance. It’s the first port of call.

In the process of doing so however, you really don’t reckon that some folks in Africa can opt to set up a dedicated streaming service for eSports that becomes a household name?

Ultimately, with investor interest and a peaking interest in esports, this is definitely one for consideration once the landscape is clearly outlined and structured.

I think esports has to be a thing first before we can have a conversation about building a dedicated streaming service for it in Nigeria/Africa (which I honestly do not believe is necessary).

Esports is yet to really take off in Nigeria. If you take a look at what the esports scene was like in America and Asia before the streaming services came along, we’re not close yet.

Esports shares many similarities with traditional sports. Esports is still a type of sport and is enjoyed optimally as such - live and with fans. In more developed regions, for example, there are dedicated esports arenas, similar to the way we have stadiums for football, where the games are being played live on stage with fans cheering while watching on a big screen. That big-screen picture is then streamed via services like Twitch and Mixer. Last year’s Fortnite final was held in a stadium in New York and was attended in person by 19,000 people (a 17-year-old won $3m ), and EA’s Fifa eWorld Cup was attended by many thousands too (winner went home with $250,000).

Not to say that we absolutely need physical gathering for esports to thrive (side-eye corona), but this shows there are bigger challenges and hurdles to be scaled before we get to the point of building a dedicated streaming service.

So in my opinion (sorry it took this long), what we need isn’t a game streaming service, but a more expansive competitive gaming ecosystem/industry. Esports is not the same as game streaming.

One more thing, even if we figure the ecosystem thing out, I am still uncertain as to why we’ll need a dedicated streaming platform. There’s a reason each country doesn’t have its own YouTube and Twitch.


I appreciate your thought and feedback. I am very much aware of quite a number of events and activities going on in the global eSports market and know that eSports is very much at a low ebb in Nigeria.

For starters, when YOU say:

What exactly do you mean?

In building a [formidable] structure it is critical to look and consider the entire value chain capturing trigger areas and ancillary operators. While I strongly agree with you on giving eSports an uptick as an industry, I will liberally differ on the take of letting “sleeping dogs lie” with regards to homegrown streaming services.

“Each country doesn’t have its own YouTube and Twitch” simply because they’ve possibly not taken the step. Let’s however, not lose sight of Tencent and a few other platforms in China. I agree it’s not the important thing right now but let’s not put a cap to the lid when opportunities may lie in that direction.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but my assumption from your initial question is that you mean “online streaming service” as a platform where live competitive gaming is broadcasted to end-users. This obviously would be different from the actual live gaming, which is a different thing requiring an entirely independent approach.

Yes, I agree that the value chain will include streaming services as one of the prime elements, and contrary to what my last reply might have you believe, I also agree that a possibility of developing homegrown streaming should not be completely ruled out.

However, I believe an esports game streaming service in Nigeria/Africa would require before anything else, sufficient traction for esports locally. And I don’t think a streaming service is going to magically create a competitive gaming ecosystem from nothing.

So just like @stigwue, I think we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves just yet. While a homegrown streaming service would be great, there are many hurdles to concentrate on climbing before we get there.

So I had to take a hiatus from here due to deadline demands. While I’m still in the swamp of tasks and deadlines (side eye to Covid-19) I thought to take a breather by checking up on gist and updates here.

Having such a conversation does not imply we are “ahead of ourselves”. It’s a conversation to determine what is more critical and immediate to the development of eSports in Nigeria.

I really do appreciate your feedback and the back and forth pushback (in a good way). In a couple of days and months we will see and know the critical hurdles that need to be overcome.

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Many thanks for your thoughts and feedback :pray:t4:

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts Muyiwa.