Do you think Paystack exited too early?

One of the major news in the African startup ecosystem in the past week is Paystack’s exit to Stripe. As much as some people are celebrating it as a success, some people also think they exited too early.

Is the exit a success or an early sellout? What do you think?


I think the timing couldn’t be any better. The Nigerian startup ecosystem needed an overdue win and Paystack’s exit came in good time. It is not just about Paystack, it’s also about the inevitable ripple effects for the ecosystem. I’m willing to bet that is what the founders were thinking too


While I agree with everything you’ve said i’d disagree on the assumption that the founders existed because they are thinking about the ripple effect on the ecosystem. Again, I understand why you think this is the case, but most definitely the exit is a strategic decision about growth and the future of Paystack than the founders’ desire to win for the ecosystem. This is business, there is no sentiment attached.