Do you Need Funding For your Startup? We Can Help!

hi guys, this is David here, we are building the next big thing and we want you to be part of it, the world of entrepreneurship is mainly about collaboration and partnership with the right people. we are currently compiling some data about startups funding, growth and marketing plan, especially on idea stage and early stage startups in Africa. Please feel free to to share with us any information that you may have, especially the pain points and challenges you are facing while building your ideas or startup, please kindly take our quick survey here ( i promise it won’t take you more than a minute), also you can also join our community of entrepreneurs shaping the African landscape Here!!!

Sounds like a good idea. tell me more about this

Hi Joseph, this is David here, thanks for the interest!!! we appreciate it.
We are currently working on a platform that will allow anyone in Africa, to raise Funds for their Businesses or Start-Ups in the way they like and at the time they want!!! our goal is to democratize investments, both for the common man on the street of Lagos who has not more than #100 to invest and the start-up or business who needs funds to grow.
You can join our Community of Entreprenuers shaping the African Landscape Here
by the way, you can also register your start-up here
you can also personally reach out to me at [email protected] for more info or suggestions. thanks, i hope to hear from you soon,
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