Deployment Of Website For Tracking #sarsmustend Protest Activities

Thanks to all the youth for lending your voiced to this common vices…

People are being arrested and taken away by the police during the protest, most of them were tracked and release while some were not so lucky.

I have seen many countless report of missing people, some got provocative attention to an extent that an action was taken but how about those we never heard of due to one reason or the other.

Then there is also people asking me about the next protest stage or area because we have no thorough idea of where the next protesting even is gonna take place.

Looking at in from every respective angle, the solution to theis falls into the hand of our techies.
It’s is not enough to burst the street in protest.
Neither is it enough to fill your Twitter post with #endsars hashtag.

We at the tech sector has more to do than just that, we have to respond to this problem appropriately with creativity.
Everyone need to play in this common goal

Therefore, we have come together to build a central event and people tracker website to help us and others better track activities and people.

If you cannot give voice in the street, you don’t have money to contribute, and if you cannot join the protest, still you can still give things more important than all this.

Your skill.

All software developer are coming together to build this platform, it’s a task for everyone no matter your skill level, there is always something to contribute, so join us on this race, and don’t be shy…

Use this WhatsApp link.

We all need you, Nigeria need you!

Proudly sponsored by the Nigeria Tech Youths.

Please share this to everyone concerned.


Nice idea.

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