Data Analyst, open to work on personal or open source projects

My name is Elizabeth Ofulue and I’m a data analyst with skills in Python, SQL, Excel, Power BI, A/B testing and regression models. I am open to work/ collaborate on personal or open source projects.

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Good Morning Elizabeth,

It’s commendable that you are willing to outsource your skills to the community.
Sorry to sound naive, what skills do you offer ? or what would be your deliverable on a project ?

For example, suppose I am trying to prove that a niche industry can be venture backable. Data is scarce/expensive in Nigeria so as a student the cheapest option for me is to go with reliable sources (PwC, Deloitte, NBS etc.) and make numerous arguments to support my hypothesis based on the details of their reports, often times not directly relating to the original question.

How would you go about researching this originally and how would you present your findings ?

Getting data is Nigeria, mean you have to get it yourself. PwC, Deloitte, NBS etc are not reliable source for data

Please expand on this.

I once created a small project, and was able to get list of the type businesses I wanted in a well organised format, infact that makes up the database table. But that may not be possible in Nigeria.

Suppose you want to create an app for Bookings, or connecting businesses. Onboarding clients is very critical, and so having a ready made data of the business you want, can help you get started in onboarding a customer.

However it seems one would have to do the leg work to get those data.

Oh sorry, I think you got me wrong, or perhaps I wasn’t clear lol.

No you need to be able to directly reach your customers or at least have original information regarding them, that forms part of your IP.

What i mean is suppose I make a claim that going digital leads to savings/gains of xyz%. I can get a rough number from say, PwC reports on expenditures. However, it most likely isn’t current and certain factors in their model might actually make my assumptions wrong.

My questions was relating to how you would go about deriving the xyz% originally, without having to rely on other models.

Ok well the reports made by PwC must be targeted to the market.

Just because a report from these sets of companies says Nigeria GDP is bla bla, the fact is that, local low level data would always be the deciding factor in you making the claim for your clients in Nigeria going digital to saving or gain xyz%

Nigeria is not a data driven country yet. When I mean data driven go to

You would see that through services delivered, information is shared, and that information is actually is the used by others.

Until Nigeria start to deliver services such as these. Sorry all repost is only based on assumed data.