Coworking space in Nigeria

The coronavirus pandemic no doubt has disrupt so many aspects of life and our daily activities. And of course, co-working spaces are also caught up in this disruption.

I was building a platform where you can search for co-working spaces in Nigeria, book and take a tour before the coronavirus pandemic kicks in.
Am also thinking of including event centers too. Anybody looking for co-working spaces or event centers in Nigeria can hop on the site, make some search, schedule a tour and lastly book. For every booking a certain percentage goes to my akant. Lol.

Am thinking of dumping this project due to the fear that coronavirus will put an end to co-working spaces and events centers and if they cease to exist, then this project am working of will be of no use.

What do you think is the way forward? Am kinda confused? Do you use co-working space before the pandemic? Are you still using co-working space now? Will you like be interested in booking co-working space online? Please leave some comments below.

Do not dump the idea, a couple of work spaces still work maintaining the safety precautions and all. Co-working spaces would always be needed if electricity and data still remain a problem.
Although some use this spaces for virtual use especially for organizations or individuals with no physical office.

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Thanks @Afunshee. I won’t stop working on it.