Buying cakes online

I understand Alot of people in Nigeria still prefer face to face transaction for certain products rather than purchasing online. How do you feel about having all bakers in your city on one platform giving you easy access to them and gets delivered to you ie. Bringing the celebration to your doorstep?


That’s an excellent idea! I remember how stressful it was the last time I had to get a birthday cake… from waiting in line to praying not to smudge the cake on my way back :joy:

I believe this is not a new culture, having them on a single platform would be great though.

But delivery is the issue especially when it’s from a far place. I got a cake just after the lockdown was relaxed, it came in a sorry state. In fact, some delivery platform do not accept cake delivery. If that can be done well, why not? Cake lovers like me would be glad.


As you rightly mentioned, delivery is the primary concern here and this is something that has to be carried out with care which is what I aim to do.

However, I am glad to know people would be interested in purchasing such products online. I have been told by a number of people that things like this are just a no go area because it is unusual and may not work out.

I think there’s a platform that does this already, if not more. And you can find cake sellers on the likes of Jumia Food. My issue with this asides delivery is taste. I have very high expectations for cakes and so I like to stick to one tried and trusted cake maker.

I will however be more open to order a cake online in the case of an emergency, you know when I need a cake in the next few hours and my vendor cannot deliver on such short notice.

Yes I know there are platforms that have this same model, I believe it’s all about strategy and what your value proposition is which will defer from platform to platform.

Your vendor may as well be registered on a platform and I hear Alot of people say I have my cake person, however that cake person can still be on a platform u can place an order with him or her from. The whole purpose is to create convenience not just for the customers but for the cake people as well.

Unlike ordering fried rice and chicken, cake isn’t straight forward and requires giving a couple of hours notice if not days due to the customization that’s usually involved. I remembered the struggle I encountered when trying to have a cake delivered to someone. I wasn’t in the country at the time and my debit card is being declined when using these online cake ordering platforms I had earlier listed, plus they can’t make my delivery window of less than two hours within Lagos. I resorted to a cake baker on Instagram who agreed to deliver without an upfront payment because I couldn’t make payment from outside the country.

I’ve tried to build a platform like this before. The conclusion of my research and experiment boils down to having a classified platform for cake makers in each state. These cake makers are experts in customizing cakes for different occasions and locally delivering it in good shape. I think it would be kind of too much work if you would be doing all that work alone and there’s limitation in terms of coverage. How many locations can you service daily without mixing things up or getting exhausted? So, I guess a niche classified route is best for this idea.

Yes definitely, managing delivery exclusively within each state and certain areas is the best way to approach this. I can’t see any feasibility in trying to deliver outside ones jurisdiction and besides the poor logistics infrastructure wouldn’t permit that covid or no covid.

Yep, we can discuss more on this idea if it’s really what you are willing to work on. I think there’s need for it.

Sure, where re u based?

WaraCake have been around for a while and I have used them before. I guess you can add that to existing platforms to review (if you have not done so before).

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Oh nice I’ll check this out.

Thanks x

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Would definitely recommend that idea.

Google has always been my go to guide anytime I need cakes :grin::wink:.

The crazy thing is that a times you call some vendors and they start acting up :smirk::smirk:.

Having a platform that gives options to choose from will go a long way :wink:


Haha thanks! There re a number of companies doing that already but hey everyone got different strategies innit :wink::blush:

Yeah, that’s true.