Building a coliving startup in Nigeria

Last time I posted, it was to ask what people thought about paying zero fees on their rent, thankfully I got a number of responses.

Right now we are working on our MVP and while we are on that, we decided to put out our landing page. It’s not public yet but this seems like the best place to get some level of feedback.

You could check it out here ( and provide feedback on what you think we can do better. E.g Should the text be bigger? Do you understand the value offering from the page’s content? etc.
Thank you :hugs::hugs:


First, lovely UI. I think the idea is well communicated from the website copy. I just noticed two things:

  1. a few typos
  2. can you make the links open in a new tab so one doesn’t have to leave your landing page
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Hmmm! compared to many websites around , you guys have done a pretty good job, love the UI. If your landing page were 16 bars i will give you 4 mics :microphone: :microphone: :microphone: :microphone: out fo 5 . Color choice is sleek, likewise the fonts.

Just a few suggestions here,

  1. My personal thumb of rule , logo should be bigger or be the more prominent element in the landing page for brand visibility reasons , also try aligning all elements in the section as well, same should apply to all sections.

  2. for your p-tags i suggest you add css rule “text-align: justify”

  3. Text/Font sizes for headers and paragraphs in the sections are not uniform , hereby throwing off the concept of text hierarchy , pick one text-size for the Subjects/Heads and another for your P-tags/ Paragraphs for uniformity. apply same to all sections.

  4. Elements on each section need to aligned uniformly as well.

  5. Mobile responsiveness need some touches.

Again , lovely job , beautiful UI and kool colors…thumbs up guys and do keep us posted here on progress.

Alaye baba don yan , over and out!


Everything looks good. I love the UI but the logo looks kinda small. Fix it

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I just checked it out now.
You are kool with colours.
Easy to Navigate too.

I would like to promote your site on my blog.
Send me your phone num and email.

I want to interview you first before i post your Article on my blog.

Send me a private message here.

Thank you for the feedback. Highly appreciated

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Thank you.:blush:
We’ll work on the corrections.

Alright, will do. Thank you

Thank you Kingsley. Just sent you a message

The colour choice is cool, too much of margin on mobile view

The text on this particular image is too bold or not necessary.

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Nice UI and everything else.

I have little mistake to point out as it has been doned by the bosses comment above mine.
But you need some little Typos correction.

[“We are with you all the way! From the moment you need to tour your new home, to your entire stay at a Cluster and even when you decide to (movew) out. Rent instantly, move in and live stress-free.”]

You know where that abovd paragraph is coming from, check the bracketed() words and you should get a glimpse of one of those typos.

Above all, nice colour, cool UI and good value proposition.


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