Are you experiencing delay in payouts from any agritech crowdfunding platform?

Since last year, a number of Nigerians have complained about a delay in payouts from some agritech crowdfunding platforms.

While some of these platforms have experienced bad business because of the pandemic and its induced lockdown, others have used it as an excuse not to pay their customers.

If you have experienced or you’re currently experiencing such, please feel free to share.

Wow. If such is really happening in Agric tech, it doesn’t spell good for the future of crowdfunding in Nigeria.

e jor , permit me to deviate a bit here …

Well , i am less worried about the real Agri tech firms that we know , the ones that have either raised some level of investment or funding round , the identity of the teams + owners are well published on their websites etc , they are transparent to a very comfortable extent…My fear is for the ones that technically are not anywhere close to being an Agri Tech coy, they are usually run by a one man show, the are not transparent ,no structure, their business model is vague, they are not tech driven in any way, they have never raised any successful investment or funding round from any kind of institution , little or no information on their websites, they over promise when it comes to return on investment and they have scammed so many folks, they have delayed payouts far back before harry bubu won his second term election…these are the ones that need to be weeded out …and sadly they are on the rampage giving the concept of crowdfunding a bad name… i actually know of one promising return over 40 years haba! u b FG bond ni ?

This is not a surprise to me, i know scammers will eventually hijack the space of crowd funding in the country, with their unrealistic profit target someone should be able to know majority of them will soon run away with people’s money.

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I did an investment on Thriveagric through Piggyvest, and I cashed out on 30th of June at maturity without any issue.