Are there VC firms willing to invest in startups in Nigeria?

Are there VC firms willing to invest in start-ups in Nigeria?

Yes… Sure you can make a Google Search
With the likes of Microtraction

Most of them invest at the seed and series A stage .


Interesting!! Will do that. Thanks

In Africa ,Niaja is a darling to the VC’s , check the records… :notes: Walahi aya e a ja :notes:

Yes, there are quite a number of VCs who actively invest in Nigerian startups.

There are early stage VC firms like Microtraction, EchoVC Partners, Ventures Platform, Oui Capital, Greenhouse Capital etc.

Also, growth stage firms and private equity firms like Ingressive Capital, TLcom, CcHub’s Growth Capital Consonance Investment Managers, Platform Capital, Adlevo Capital etc.

There are also Pan-African ones like The Baobab Network, Shaka, Africa Angels Network, CRE Venture Capital, Novastar Ventures, Samurai Incubate etc.


Yes they are, if you are demonstrably passionate and own a product or company associated with:

  1. Clear demographics
  2. Clear distribution channels
  3. A business model that’s easy to understand

Awesome @tage thank you so much for the detailed answer

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