About tracking and security

I needed your suggestion concerning this…

Few days ago, a friend’s phone got stolen, we thought it was the end but fortunately he found hope after a policeman help us out to locate it, although it cost him some cash and few days to get that.
when i asked them, they simply said it was was reported to Abuja where the tracking and tracing begins.
This got me curious, because I have recently tried this sort of solution but to no avail.

I knew many apps out protraying to have a tracking ability but each has a limitations which can make it very less effective.
After thorough research, the last technology I know of that can do such magic is a cell site simulator(stingray and family) but it’s very expensive to acquire.

So I really needed to knowledge up about this niche, do you have an idea of what device or software that could be used to archieve this kind of feat???

There are some things available to only nation states. This is one of them. Stingray if I remember correctly is a fake/impersonating BTS (mast).

There are other options available to non-nation states: tracking via apps or websites.

But to know what “Abuja” uses… erm, those 3 letter agencies would know.

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Thank you for the clarity, but can you suggest for me, any software not app that has at least 70% accuracy of getting such work done??